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, and thanks to you at home for staying with us for the next hour. happy birthday to vin diesel. vin diesel turned 45 years old today. and on the occasion of the birthday of the movie star who oddly looks like newark mayor cory booker a lot, vin diesel's wildly successful car related fast paced exploding movie "fast and furious" is back in the news. at least it's back in the news paper. this is an ad, look at this, this is an ad that ran in the washington times today. the washington times is the moony newspaper in washington, d.c. in my opinion, it is not a particularly credible newspaper as a source of news, but it is a conservative milk piece of source, so the washington times does get read, at least by republicans. in the washington times today, a $100,000 reward is offered for verifiable evidence of white house involvement in operation fast and furious. a bounty. so years of obsessive conspiracy minded investigations by house republicans did not turn up any evidence of this. but maybe this reward money in the moony newspaper in washington will. this ad was linked to roll column newspape
on fire fantasies about communists coming up the canal to come get us in the middle of the night, those have been around for a while, in the 1970s and the 1980s. the panama canal was the fast and furious, birth certificate, the president is a secret muslim conspiracy theory of its day. when that panama canal conspiracy theory was lighting up the tin foil hats of the generation ago, it was an ambition politician named ronal reagan who took that issue from the fringe and decide today mainstream it into national mainstream republican politics. he based his presidential campaign in part on this insane idea that the panama canal was basically an american state that we can't let the communists steal this american thing from us. he mainstreamed this paranoid far right fantasy that if we went along with our treaty obligations to let panama run its own canal, then america would seize to exist. we would be destroyed as a nation. if panama got control of the panama canal, that would be the beginning of a very quick and bloody end for america. this worked great for ronald reagan in political terms.
, another filibuster by the republicans. tom, great to have you with us. thank you for joining us on "the ed show." that's "the ed show," i'm ed schultz. the "rachel maddow show" starts right now. good evening. >> thank you, my friend. and thanks to you at home for staying with us for the next hour. tonight, president obama is watching the u.s. olympic basketball teams, both the men's team and the women's team, play exhibition games against the basketball teams from brazil. sort of a warm-up for the olympic games. the president obviously a big basketball fan. he's got a big night out with the vice president there. you know, it's kind of nice. a campaign is firing on all cylinders at this point. the president was campaigning today in ohio. mitt romney is raising money at a country club in jackson, mississippi, tonight. these guys are campaigning full speed. the campaign is actually sort of happening at a pace it's never really happened at before now. the toughest pace it's ever been. but these guys are also taking time to relax. mr. romney took the weekend off with his family at their big lak
us this hour. the mitt romney for president campaign today announced they have hired new staff. new staff specifically to work with the republican party's new candidate for vice president. there is no republican party candidate for vice president. but this announcement today means that the republican party would very, very, very, very much like you to think that they will pick a vice president very soon. hopefully sooner than the next plot twist in the bain capital/mitt romney won't release his tax return saga. the party would very much like you to stop talking about mitt romney's tax returns, thank you vaer much. naturally, there are lots of exciting released tat bids in today's news about oirt things, like let's say his impending vice presidential selection which should be coming down the pike any day now. the "new york times" is out with an insider piece about mr. romney's campaign and their vice presidential vetting process. hinting that a likely short list of potential vps has emerged. according to the "new york times," the finalists are tim pa -- sorry, the mild mannered forme
blanketed by thick smog. exactly what competitors are expecting in beijing. the u.s. men's basketball team was there before the beijing games s games, almost the whole britting team was there, brazil, argentina was there, all these countries sent their olympic athletes to macau in advance to get used to how disgusting it would feel to play in beijing. chine a is of course the largest country on earth by pop jlgz. that's our population and theirs. china has 1.34 billion people. you could subtract our entire population from their population and they would still be over a billion people. china is just massive. and inside the enormous nation of china, there were until really recently two european colonies. hong kong, obviously, the highest profile one. it was a british colony in china until 1997. in 1997, it was handed over from british control to chinese control with great fanfare. when it got handed over, there still was one other european colony left in china. one owned by portugal of all places. two years after the british handed hong kong over to the chinese, portugal handed over control
-called offshore account in the cayman islands is established by a u.s. firm to allow foreign investors to invest in u.s. enterprises and not be suggest to taxes outside of their own jurisdiction. okay, so this account of his in the caymans is the good kind of thing. a good kind of offshore account because it's designed to help foreign people invest in the u.s. and avoid paying u.s. taxes when they do it. great. so why is his money there? come on, are you foreign? quote, sometimes a foreign entity is formed to allow foreign investors to invest in the knroouns, which may will be the case with the entities that democrats are describing as foreign accounts. so his answer to this is what? that he's a foreign investor in the united states? his own explanation is that this type of account is a good thing for america. it's set up so foreigners can put their money in that account and invest it in america while avoided u.s. taxes. that's the state of his current explanation. that's as far as he has gotten to explain why he might hypothetically have an offshore account. that's how foreigners invest in amer
promises not to tell us who his bundlers are. oh, so president obama discloses the names of people who bundle big fundraising donations to him. mitt romney is pledging to keep the names of his secret. but his big attempted political pivot this week is to make president obama seem like he's the one that's a little shady about his donors, the donors president obama discloses publicly and mitt romney keeps secret. oh, republicans love justin bieber's electric car, and somehow that means communism, foreign, or what not. this is a mess, and if that is not a big enough mess, there's also buzzfeed reporting this week of the 17 political appointees announced by governor romney in 2006, of the 17 political appointees he announced that year, 15 were campaign donors to him. 15 of the 17, now he and his campaign are egging on the national press core to ask about campaign donors getting political favors. 15 of his 17. are you familiar with the fail whale? it's something that turns up on twitter when something internally goes wrong with the site, and instead of getting a generic make you angry error
to all day is filled with an anger that can't find focus. and i think the challenge for all of us as a community is to recognize that we have to move past that, obviously, there's going to be a level of accountability that is individual, that is clearly disturbed. either we will or will not know exactly the roots of that, how deep that disturbance is. we know how deep it is, but where it came from. but we are clear that we are going to rise back and lift ourselves above this. i visited several of the families in the hospital, and we're going to have obviously some -- when you have that many people that have been injured, you're going to have people with lifetime disabilities. we're already as a community beginning to come together, giving within three hours, we had $125,000 in matching gifts, so as they raise money, this is through one of the hospital networks, but all of the hospitals are going to participate in this to make sure that the victims of this senseless act of violence that -- again, there just aren't words, we want to do everything we can to make sure the vi
. >> thanks to you at home for being with us for the next hour. raichm has the night off, but we have an important day of news to try to understand. we're awaiting a live news conference by officials in aurora, colorado, which we will bring you when it happens. chances are you woke up this morning to find out that a midnight showing of the biggest movie of the year, something went horrifically wrong. at 12:30 a.m. mountain time, police outside denver begin receiving multiple calls from the century 16 movie theater. witnesses say a man entered theater 9 from a side door near the front of the auditorium not long into the showing of the new batman movie "the dark knight rises." he was dressed entirely in black and wearing a gas mask. at first, the moviegoers, some in costume, thought the man was just part of the show. then the intruder threw a small canister into the crowd and it made a hissing sound and the smoke started filling the theater, packed with some 200 people. then the sound of gunshots as the man started firing indiscriminately into the crowd. >> everybody knew it was real at
on tv, he served one and a half terms in the u.s. senate. but honestly his time in the senate was characterized by no real accomplishment of any note. there's no fred thompson legislative achievement that he was trying to run on. but still, he's a big guy, played the district attorney on "law and order." he totally looks like he's in charge. republicans loved the idea of him. this was a poll from before fred thompson got into the race in the summer of 2007. plenty of other republicans were running at this time. the republicans were competing with each other for the nomination. money was being raised and spent. fred thompson was not participanting but he was for a time at the top of the polls. as the other candidates competed, mr. thompson was easing his way into making his decision. figuring out finally late into the fall that maybe he guessed he would jump in. but right off the bat, with all the beltway press behind him, all this excitement built up, all those polling numbers excited about him getting in, right off the bat when he got in, things went badly right way. >> all e
or fingers, they can't come over and push on you and feel what they are. the only thing they can use are their mouths and feet. what the shark did is come up and feel the kayak with his teeth. unfortunately, that type of contact, you know, leaves some scars behind sometimes. >> thanks for joining us. >> that's "the ed show." i'm ed schultz. the "rachel maddow show" starts right now. >> feeling it with one's teeth. >> the dorsal fin starts the heart attack on the big guy right here. >> i know exactly what you mean. >> i would win a gold medal. >> i can't look at a person with a mohawk. i get the same feeling. good to have you back, ed. >> you, too. >> and thanks you at home for staying with us for the next hour. the side effect of the fourth of july falling on a wednesday this year is that nobody really knew when fourth of july weekend was. was it the weekend before the fourth, after the fourth? i celebrated both. but it wasn't really clear which was the right weekend to celebrate. one thing that is clear now is that the fourth of july weekend whenever it was is over. we're back. toda
. and that's even something b-team, c-team republicans knew all along. and were trying to tell us and were trying to tell republican primary voters when they were telling them not to pick mitt romney. whether or not the rest of us could actually hear them say it. >> the idea that republicans are going to try to beat obama care with somebody who had romney care strikes me as a dead loser. how will you distinguish a debate between those two? >> he said i'll repeal obama care. in the same breath he defends obama care at the state level. it just doesn't wash and it won't wash in the general election. >> when you take a look at what mitt did from the standpoint of romney care in massachusetts, you're going to have a hard time finding a difference between obama care and romney care. that's just the facts. and there's no way around it. >> now, think about what that means going up against barack obama who you're going to claim top-down government run medicine doesn't work and we should repeal it. he says wait a minute, governor. you said in massachusetts it works well. >> romney care given what's
, ed. and thank you at home for staying with us for the next hour. the first time that mitt romney ran for office was in 1994. he ran for the u.s. senate from massachusetts. >> i believe that abortion should be safe and legal in the country. i have since the time my mom took the position when she ran in 1970 as a u.s. senate candidate. i believe since roe v. wade has been the law for 20 years we should sustain and support it. i was an independent during the time of reagan-bush. i'm not trying to return to reagan-bush. i want universal coverage. i want everyone in massachusetts and this country to have insurance. >> despite trying his best to run to the center, to appear to be a moderate, mr. romney even promised he was to the left of his opponent ted kennedy on the issue of gay rights in that election. despite that herculean ideological stretching, mr. romney lost the race badly to senator kennedy. it was not the culture war issues, the social issues that are credited with having made the difference in that election. the race didn't end up being much about health insurance or even whet
we're dedicated to the full repeal and we ask you to join us to oppose its implementation. a quick note on that letter. that's not really how i remember the supreme court ruling because i remember them ruling the mandate is constitutional and the medicaid expansion is constitutional. but that the federal government can't take away all of the state's medicaid money if they don't participate in the new program. but it sounded different the way they put it. less constitutional and more it would make george washington cry a thousand tears. republicans are asking them to do in the letter doesn't amount to much at all. they're saying don't set up the health insurance exchanges which are the plaszs you go to buy the insurance, but if states don't set them up, the law said the federal government will set them up instead. don't set up the exchanges. let the obama administration do it for you, which is maybe a pain for the obama administration, but eh, i have a hard time getting worked up about it. the one i do get worked up about is to get gop governors to refuse to participate in the medic
. that line way up there, above all others, that line shows deaths from assault in the u.s. we're an extremely violent country, it's true, but look at this. we're not nearly so violent as we used to be. our assault rate peaked in the late 1970s, and awful events like aurora notwithstanding have been falling continuously ever since. within america, the south is by far the most violent region. it has the most deaths from assault. then comes the wests where the shootings happens followed by the midwest and northeast. thanks again to karen for this chart. also, gun ownership is on the decline. the percentage of american households that say they own a pistol or a shotgun is about half what it was 40 years ago, according to the general social survey. and the most recent numbers from gallup which aren't on the graph have show an uptick in gun ownership. although we don't yet know if that is a statistical blip or the beginning of a reversal in the trip. this map, which we made with data from the new england journal of medicine, compares a number of suicides by gun ownership rates. it's four times as h
, the obama campaign is ramping up their criticism of mitt romney who would be the only guy in u.s. history with a swiss bank account. mr. romney's father who was also a rich guy when he ran for president in the '60s, he releases 12 years of his tax returns when he was running. his son only released one year under duress in january. what he released showed a swiss bank account and holdings in the cayman islands as well as mysterious companies holding who knows how many romney bucks incorporated in bermuda for some reason. the shadiness or at least mysteriousness of what he does with all of his giant piles of money and how it is that he figures out a way to pay so little in taxes, that was the subject of a big investigate piece in vanity fair last week, another piece by the associated press later that week, and now democratic attack ads. and this new video from the obama campaign trying to force the romney folks to at least try to come up with an answer to some of these questions about why he's offshored his money. so far, the romney campaign response to this line of criticism is that it is,
are showing the people who sent us here where we stand. okay, so if you thought even for a minute that the senate was actually doing something today, well, poppycock. there's mcconnell to remind you it was all just posturing. thank you, mitch mcconnell. meanwhile, what was happening in the house today? >> i would ask the gentleman from virginia if he would be willing -- or let me rephrase that, he would not object to a unanimous consent in the house to correct a typographical error made. >> madam chairman, this member will reserve the right to object at the appropriate time. >> reclaiming my time -- >> gentleman from california. >> nothing could be more insincere than to pick on professional staff on a typographical error. >> well, you just saw house democrats and house republicans fighting over whether a typo, a typo in a bill could be fixed or not. i wish i was kidding. i am not kidding. so that was congress today. the senate voted on a pair of totally meaningless bills. the house fought about a typo. if any of this comes s as a surprise to you, you probably have not been payin
news there. thanks to you at home for staying with us this hour. james carville is here tonight for the interview. james carville, of course, is the campaign strategist who brought us the presidency of a man named bill clinton. he was elected in 1992. he beat papi bush, beat him easily. he was then wildly pop aural yz most presidents are right after they're elected. by the very next election, after the '92 one, by the very next election, by the midterm election in 1994, the pendulum had swung way back in the other direction. the republicans won a landslide in the first election of the bill clinton presidency. they took control of the house from the democrats, newt gingrich became the speaker of the house. the house swung 54 seats to the republicans. 54 seats they picked up. we have showed this before, but this cover from "time" magazine in 1994 gives you an idea of how huge the victory was for the republicans in the first midterm election that president clinton was in office. the gop elephant stampeding, right? stampeding. if you look under the elephant's foot, the elephant is d
to you at home for staying with us for this hour. rachel has the night off. in colorado today, the suspect in last week's mass shooting in the denver suburb appears in court for the first time. james holmes had what is called a first advisement this morning. he sat with one of his court apointed attorneys. reporters in the courtroom said his lawyer shielded him from victims of the shooting and the relatives who had come for the hearing. he is not expected to be charged formally in the case until next week. the trial itself could be as much as a year away. prosecutors say the man stormed into a midnight premiere of the new batman movie last week in the city of aurora. he came in with tear gas and guns and wearing enough protective gear that police almost reportedly mistook him for one of their own. though officers arrived in two minutes, he managed to kill 12 people and wound 58 others. he was armed with a pair of glock handguns, a 12-gauge shotgun, and an ar-15 assault rifle. all appear to have been purchased legally. law enforcement in colorado said he had stockpiled bullets
's economic policy thinking is, at the moment, in shambles. joining us now, eric bernstein, an msnbc contributor. jared, good to see you as always. >> great to see you and great to listen to you. >> tell me if i have it wrong. you're a smart guy. you know how to read this stuff. you know the obama administration's policies well. are -- and the bush administration's, for that matter. are there major differences between the bush agenda and philosophy and what mitt romney's proposed here? >> no, if anything, governor romney doubles down. you id one thing that's different is repealing dodd-frank. that's deregulation, right, that's the hair of the dog that bit you, and the amnesia that's setting in vis-a-vis financial plarkts, by the way, actually, all that stuff that he was partially responsible, it didn't work, so even some people in the banking sector, greenspan recognizes it, so this deregulatory, trickle down agenda, i thought it was germane to go through the outcomes, the poverty, it's doubling down, ezra. >> the thing i think is important, there's a false equivalence, oh, we need n
and romney made $11 million in two years. mitt romney, he's misled us twice. with negative ads distorting senator kennedy's record and the phony claims about his own. >> i would like to say to mitt romney if you think you can make such a good senator, come out here to marion, indiana, and see what your company has done to these people. >> we had no rights anymore. >> they cut the wages. >> we no longer had insurance. >> basically cut our throats. i would like to say to the people of massachusetts that if you think it can't happen to you, think again. because we thought it wouldn't happen here either. >> mitt romney. i don't mean to be callous, but there are people all over the world who would love a job flipping hamburgers in america. romney, in business he specialized in low wage jobs but made $11 millionyears. now he favors policies to benefit the wealthy at the expense of working families. romney favors $100 billion tax cut for the wealthiest 1% of americans and billions more in other tax breaks for the rich. romney, trickle down economics and a millionaire's tax cut. whose
's the power of all of us. that's the power of all of us. that's the membership effect of american express. >>> after two very bad weeks on the campaign trail, after not being able to catch a break at all, with this week in particular getting worse and worse day by day, today the mitt romney for president campaign did something they have never done with their normally rather interview shy candidate. it was a wall to wall blanket the networks blitz of interviews, he talked to abc, he talked to cbs, he talked to nbc, he talked to cnn, fox news, talked to -- no, mitt romney did not talk to msnbc. but in five hastily called interviews with everybody but msnbc, mitt romney repeated without variation the same thing over and over and over and over again today. he left bain capital in 1999 and left to run the olympics and anyone criticizing him for what bain did after that should apologize. he said specifically president obama should apologize because he, mitt romney was gone from bain in 1999. >> in february of 1999, i left bain capital. >> no involvement with the management of bain capital after
. >> i don't believe in the exceptions for rape or incest. ken buck did not become a u.s. senator from colorado. in a state that is closely divided anyway, in a year where republicans frank lehad to try to lose, in an election where republicans won just about everything, ken buck could not win against a democrat named michael bennet. that was part because michael bennet made sure he came across as a real extremist on the issue of abortion. >> candidate supported criminalizing abortion in cases of rape and incest. my question is who is going to go to jail, ken? who's going to go to jail? when you criminalize abortion in cases of rape and incest, who is going to jail? >> i'll tell you, senator, i don't think abortion is going to be criminalized anytime soon? >> you support it. >> let me answer the question, you have once again tried to take this debate off topic. >> ken buck had no idea what to say. to being put on the spot like that by michael bennet. he did support making abortion a criminal offense, even for women who were made pregnant by a rapist or by incest. but as to what the pri
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 112 (some duplicates have been removed)